A new direction

Right then. Are we sitting comfortably?

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Tom and I am a woodaholic. I love the stuff, in all its forms. I recently became the owner of an old Myford ML8 woodturning lathe, after many years of wanton lust. OK, it’s old, and maybe not great compared with modern lathes. As a relative newbie though, it’s perfect for me to practice on.

This one isn’t mine, obviously. I will add photos of my setup at some point.

The history of my love of woodturning began when I was at school, a long time ago. O Grade woodwork  required a certain amount of time behind the lathe. That was me hooked. My late uncle was a keen turner, who had a couple of lathes. That kept the inspiration going.

My plan for this blog is to update my progress, as I re-learn turning and gather new skills and equipment. Pictures will be provided, and may include work in progress photos, or perhaps the odd video.

Stay tuned, thanks for looking

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