Some of my turnings

Since picking up the old Myford lathe from a wonderful lady in Killearn, Stirlingshire – I have been beavering away trying to produce something worth looking at. Not as easy as you would think, despite having been taught how to turn (after a fashion) at school.
I have a collection of rejects in the garage, all abandoned for different reasons. Some just because they will never be good enough to keep.
I think this candlestick was the first thing I decided was good enough to keep.

Pretty basic, and just what is expected of the novice turner. I put a clear varnish on it, which I rarely do now – preferring to use more natural finishes instead.
I have also turned any number of spinning tops, mushrooms, honey dippers etc.. just to practice technique and shapes.

The top is actually spinning in this photo.

I like to think I have come on a bit since then. My more recent stuff has included this vase, which represents an egg in an egg cup.

This was turned from part of a cherry branch, which is notorious for cracking and splitting. This little goblet/chalice was turned from another piece of the same branch

More to follow, thanks for looking

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