New cruet set

Not been doing a lot of productive turning lately. I’m finding it hard to believe I haven’t done anything much since January, but there you go. I did get a new table saw though, so I’ve been concentrating more on other aspects of woodworking.
Our daughter moved out recently, and took the last cruet set I made with her. Time to turn a new set then.

New cruet set

Turned from beech and finished in olive oil.

I collected a pile of yew from work, and turned this little bowl keeping the natural edge. As is usually the case, the bark came off. I have tried superglue on the edges, and it still comes away.

This little plate came from an off-cut of yew. The egg is for scale.

One of these days I will be able to keep my pocket-money long enough to be able to buy a chuck. You know how it is though, every time SWMBO gets wind of my savings there’s always somewhere else for it to go.

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