A Long Weekend

I had a long weekend off work, so naturally spent most of it in the shed. I spent much of that time converting logs into blanks for turning later, but I did manage to turn a couple of items too. This rattle will be a gift for someone, and is beech – finished with olive oil.

I’m quite pleased with this, as it needed almost no sanding.

The captive rings were formed using the captive ring tool I made last week. I have since added a long handle in cherry. The finish on the handle is teak oil.

I rough turned some bowls, and set them aside to dry.
This little mushroom is from a spare bit of yew, and is straight off the lathe – no sanding.

And this will be a handle for a bread knife when it is finished

I have been reliably informed the wood is red ash. The photo doesn’t really do the wood justice, the colour is amazing.

I will finish the bread knife handle next weekend, and hopefully finish the large round nose scraper I have been making. I’ve been drying some sycamore from a blow down I harvested just after “hurricane Bawbag” back in December 2011, so should be able to produce something interesting from that.
Time will tell.

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