Another day another mushroom

Lovely day today. I wasn’t out in the shed yesterday, I was out with the camera instead. I was supposed to meet some fellow nutters, but our paths didn’t cross – so I walked over the Forth Road Bridge instead. Fantastic experience, and one I would recommend.

Anyroad, today was quite productive. I rough turned a natural edge bowl in yew, which will be finished off when it has dried.

The wet looking bit is superglue, where I tried to stop the bark falling off. Fingers crossed.

I also finished the handle for the bread knife I started last week. This is a piece of red ash, and the figuring is simply stunning.

I also rough turned what will become the mortar part of a mortar & pestle set. It is from a bit of the cherry tree I chopped down last year.

The rough turned bowls are currently wrapped in newspaper along with the wet shavings from the turning. This particular piece of cherry is from a crotched piece, so the figure should be quite interesting if it stays in one piece.

And finally of course, the weekly mushroom. Straight off the lathe, unsanded and just a quick wipe with olive oil.

A bit of yew, from a crotched branch. Amazing how the dust from my hands has stuck to the oil so quickly.

I can see a huge difference in what I’m producing now from when I first started. Hopefully at some point I will be happy enough with what I produce to actually do something constructive with it.

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