Exciting day today

Today is a bit of a red-letter day for me. I have just placed an order for a chuck to go on my lathe.

Up until now I have had real difficulty sometimes making bowls or turning hollow objects. Holding the wood in the lathe has been an issue.
I have managed to “get by” using face plates and home-made chucks, but all too often these have proved unsatisfactory. Now with a proper scroll chuck, I will be able to hold the timber more securely without worrying about screws giving way or wood pinging out of my home-made gizmo’s.
I do have a Peter Child Coil Grip Chuck, which came with the lathe. It has helped with hollowing out bowls and other vessels, but it too has limitations.

I’m hoping the chuck will be with me by the weekend, but I’ve waited so long for it I hardly think another couple of days will be an issue.

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