Some well earned R&R

Although I was up and about bright & early this morning, I decided to take the dog for a long walk rather than go out to play. Don’t want to waste what little sunshine there is before the clocks go back next weekend.

I spent the afternoon making a prototype for what will become Christmas gifts this year. The first attempt at the lid went a bit “Pete Tong” when the chunk of bark I wanted to keep came whizzing by my shoulder. “Never mind, it’s just a prototype, I’ll make another,” I said.
So hey presto! Here’s the little salt & Pepper shakers I intend giving away.

Totally different to one another, but as I said, prototypes.

I also made a garden ornament, which I’m hoping will dry without cracking too much.

And finally, the first lid with the missing bit………

Such a shame, it would’ve been nice with the bark on show.

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