Turned out nice again

Here I am, slap bang in the middle of a long weekend off work. I went on a road trip to Edinburgh yesterday to take in the Scottish Woodworking & Power Tool Show. An interesting experience for anyone interested in woodworking/turning. Loads of clubs giving demonstrations, and individual exhibitors showing their unique techniques and selling their wares. I am extremely glad I didn’t take any cash with me though, some of the prices were just amazing.
One of my favourite demonstrations was by Andrew (the hat man) Hall. I was fortunate enough to not only watch a hat being turned from a single piece of beech, but to handle it at various stages during the process. Amazing. Simply amazing.
photo ©Andrew Hall
How superb is that?

Thursday I did a bit of experimenting, and on the third attempt managed to turn a beaker for a travel mug. You know the type? Stainless steel insert with a lid to keep drinks hot/cold and prevent spillage. The kit was from an unlikely source, and the wood was from a sycamore I collected in the aftermath of Scotland’s infamous “Hurricane Bawbag” last year.

Very nice outside today, if a little chilly, so will go out to play later.

Thanks for looking

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