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Nothing to see here… move along

Here I am in the aftermath of another epic migraine. I have pretty bad vertigo, which makes driving a bit of a risk, so I’ve not been to work this week. Likewise, going out to the shed is not an … Continue reading

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A Landmark Day

Well finally. I managed to finish one of the bowls I rough turned for drying last year, a natural edge yew bowl – and the bark stayed on……! Go me! This was how it looked when I had rough turned … Continue reading

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Mix & Match

Quite a good time in the shed on Saturday. Managed to make and progress a few things, and nothing broke. I managed to turn a gavel & block from oak & cherry. I think the head of the gavel may … Continue reading

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First this year

Other than a visit to clean the place and to return the dining table to the roof-space, This weekend was my first time in the shed this year. My first turning of 2012 was a baby rattle for a friend.Big … Continue reading

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