Mix & Match

Quite a good time in the shed on Saturday. Managed to make and progress a few things, and nothing broke. I managed to turn a gavel & block from oak & cherry.
Gavel & Block
I think the head of the gavel may be slightly too large, but I enjoyed working on it none the less.
I turned a wee tea-light holder from yew as well, which retains many of the natural features in the wood. Nice, simple shape – nothing fancy in the turning. Even better, I’ve had someone asking to buy it.
Tea-light holder
Again, just given a rub with friction polish. It’s amazing to me that such beautiful wood can be spun at a high-speed and have sharp things stuck into it – then come out still showing all the natural grain. This piece was an off-cut which might otherwise have landed in the scrap box.
Next week? Who knows? Maybe I will re-mount some of the rough turned items I have been drying. Time will tell………

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