A Landmark Day

Well finally. I managed to finish one of the bowls I rough turned for drying last year, a natural edge yew bowl – and the bark stayed on……!
Go me!
This was how it looked when I had rough turned it, covered in superglue to try keeping the bark attached.
natural edge yew
And this is the finished article. Pretty much all of the bark stayed on. Finish is “moonshine” friction polish. I’m quite chuffed with it.
I turned another couple yesterday from my rough turned collection and rough turned a couple of sycamore bowls today, which are wrapped in newspaper with the wet shavings from the turning. This method seems to work quite well with what I have turned so far. Not many splits or cracks this time round.
I gave a cherry tree in the garden a prune last year because it was interfering with my Sky signal. I prepped a few blanks last year and put them aside to dry. Yesterday I unwrapped a bowl blank I had put aside last Summer and got this out of it
Cherry bowl Feb 2013
A nice high-sided bowl from a crotched piece giving it 2 distinct grain patterns
I also unwrapped a bit of silver birch I had rough tuned
birch pot feb 2013
And produced a pot, which will be used to hide a plant pot, or a glass/plastic bowl for cut stems

Cherry pen Feb 2013
And finally, a cherry pen. The photo doesn’t show the pen at it’s best unfortunately due to the glare from the flash.
All in all, a fairly productive weekend, with nothing breaking and no injuries. Maybe I’m getting better at this turning carry on…….

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