Nothing to see here… move along

Here I am in the aftermath of another epic migraine. I have pretty bad vertigo, which makes driving a bit of a risk, so I’ve not been to work this week. Likewise, going out to the shed is not an option.
I have a magical wish list of things I would like for the shed, and spend a lot of time looking at the various options. This keeps me relatively sane during my bouts of cabin fever.
The problem of course is an extreme lack of finance for the things I would like.
I have been watching some shows on TV, where the presenters seem not to have much in the way of skills, and wonder how on earth they manage to land the gig. One bloke in particular bashes his way through projects and waxes lyrical about his mortise & tenon joints. Looking closely at them, you could hide the gaffer’s hat in them.
How do TV production companies decide on what would be a good format for a show? Trying to copy the New Yankee Workshop format using a presenter without the skills or presence of Norm? One of the points of NYW is Norm showing how various aspects of a design are transferred to the wood. The cut rate copy gives you, “I’m going to cut all these joints and glue it up, so why don’t you lot bugger off and watch a man making violins out of magpie nests….” There then follows a very boring monologue by some eccentric coffin dodger with too much time on his hands. Back to the presenter and, “There. Doesn’t that look great?”
Maybe I’m too demanding?

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