A bit of a mixed bag

I didn’t produce much this weekend. I had other things on my mind.
I was asked to produce a custom bat for a friend. Never having turned a bat before I decided to do a rough trial, before butchering a perfectly good piece of timber. This was knocked out of a bit of a broken scaffold board.
Baseball bat
The prospective owner is happy with the outcome, and I now have a new toy for walking the dog.
The little bit of yew holding up the thick end is yet another tealight holder. I keep being asked for these. People have a love for the little candles for some reason.
This particular one is made to have a glass insert in it.
Of course, no weekend would be complete without me attacking a bit of cherry. I did a trial of a wedding goblet from a scrap piece. The real piece will have a much larger vessel, and the rings will be properly finished before parting them off.
marriage goblet
Not too bad though for something that would otherwise have ended up in the bin.
I would quite like to have the real piece done quite soon.

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