Global warming my arse

How odd today has been. Standing in the shed turning, as a mini-blizzard was blowing snow around me. Errr… excuse me! It’s March you know.
I turned a little wedding goblet in pine, but I’m not 100% happy with the shape. I had an idea to make it similar to a thistle, but following an accident with the skew that was out of the question.
Goblet #2-small
I wont make the mistake of trying to alter it now though. Been there, bought the tee-shirt.
I also turned a pair of tea-light holders on Saturday at the request of a friend. These are yew, and should resemble a bell in shape.
tea-light #1 up
The recipient is delighted. I’m just glad I was able to get them similar enough to look like a proper pair.
And finally. A little yew bowl. Simple shape, nice grain and a lovely shine. I’m happy enough with it.
yew bowl #2-small
Perhaps I should have cleaned the dust out of it before I took the photo though…..

Long weekend next week, so probably no turning. I still need to finish a piece of furniture for the bedroom before decorating.

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