Up yours Vivaldi

4 seasons in one day, is what we had yesterday. I abandoned the shed before getting anything much done. I turned a little cherry bowl, which was photographed on the iphone, so didn’t turn out very well. I made a little lidded box though, from one of my “mystery” bits of donations, which turned out rather nice.
lidded box 1
This piece of timber was rough turned then dried in the airing cupboard. Hopefully it will have done all the shifting it is likely to do.
Management has decided she wants it to store salt, so I suppose I better start looking for a suitable liner for it. I think it would be easier to turn something to fit a liner, but hey, I just do as I’m told.

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  1. billlattpa says:

    Management here is constantly riding me with unreasonable demands and “pointers” on a subject it knows very little about. I may have to go on strike.

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