Happy Easter

Easter Monday meets April Fools day. Don’t worry though, I wont be running any pranks. I’ve had a very quiet weekend, spending time with the family, but did venture out to the shed for a short time yesterday. Now we are officially in British Summer Time (lol) I can stay out a bit later, because it starts to get dark an hour later. Whoopee!
So out of the scrap bin came this ickle bit of beech. It was looking a bit forlorn in there so I decided to chuck it up and see what happened.
Small Lidded Pot #1
It’s not quite the shape I was aiming for, but it’s dual purpose. It works either with or without the lid.
Small Lidded Pot #2
It has given me an idea for something else though, so watch this space.

I also had some mahogany I bought for another project a few years ago, so glued some bits up and mounted between centres. These will be part of a gift for someone, once I work out how to do the 2nd part. I’ve got a little over a month to work it out so no pressure.
Small Sticks#2
They would be useless as a functional set of drumsticks, but are fine for ornamental purposes.

I cleaned & tidied most of the shed yesterday, so just need to get the work-bench sorted out now.

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