A distinct lack of Easter eggs

Although egg shaped things are on my to-do list, I decided it would be too obvious turning eggs at Easter. The ickle lidded pot I turned over the weekend changed shape due to a design opportunity. (aka mistake)
The shape should have been wider and lower, although the overall height is the same. Ho-hum, if nothing else this hobby presents plenty opportunities to think on the hoof.
My second attempt at the lidded pot produced this.
Small Sputnik
I call it S-pot-nik. The base is spalted sycamore, and the lid is oak. The finish is a hybrid wax I cooked up from 50/50 paraffin wax and boiled linseed oil.

I also had a nice piece of beech salvaged from the scrap bin. This particular design seems to be very popular, and I never really tire of doing tea-light holders. These are a real pain in the hoop to sand & polish, but they always look good when finished.
Small Tealight Stand
The finish on this is just paste wax. Nice & simple. The candle in the holder is a long burning one and is twice the height of a standard tea light. A standard size candle sits flush with the holder.

And finally…… I had a very large piece of beech I tried to turn a bowl out of. It was simply too large for my lathe, so I had to abandon that idea. Instead of a bowl, I decided to quarter it and turn a box.
This is now in use in the kitchen holding dishwasher tablets. The lid is from a pile I have named mystery timber. I have no idea what it is or where it came from.
Small Lidded Barrel #1

Small Lidded Barrel #2
Finish is “moonshine” friction polish.

This turning malarkey is addictive though. I can see a vast improvement in what I produce now, compared with my efforts when I started the hobby. I still don’t think my stuff is anywhere near good enough to sell, but others disagree. I might wander in to a couple of craft fairs to see what is on offer there.

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