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A Little Bit of Sunshine

Well it looks like the magical season known as Summer happened in Scotland at the weekend. I obviously had to make the most of it, just in case it only happens once this year. It was rather lovely on Saturday, … Continue reading

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A bit more “art”

I’m getting closer to what I want the arty bits to look like. This one is in cherry, and with a natural edge. The bit on top opens, but I think the “skirt” is still longer than I am looking … Continue reading

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After the Re-shuffle

OK, so I said I was moving stuff around at the weekend. This is where we are now. I installed a new cabinet, to get some of my stuff off the floor. This corner was previously just a dumping ground … Continue reading

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Cabinet Reshuffle Time

Having just taken delivery of another ex-kitchen cabinet, I think it is time to have a good-old clear out and re-arrange the garage furniture. This weekend will therefore involve emptying the place and moving some of my work spaces around … Continue reading

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My first “art” attempt

I’m not a particularly creative person. I tend to see what other people are doing and try to emulate their work. I saw something on TV last week that inspired me to try something different. It was a chocolate fountain. … Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected

Well yesterday was a bit of a strange one. Got up, showered, dressed and out the door to work. When I arrived, everyone in the office asked, “what are you doing here?” It seems I booked 3 days off rather … Continue reading

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A touch eccentric

I have seen a few videos of “eccentric” turning. Hey, I’m adventurous enough to be dangerous so I had to give it a go. Of course, nobody told me it was difficult until after I had had tried it. So … Continue reading

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