Expect the unexpected

Well yesterday was a bit of a strange one. Got up, showered, dressed and out the door to work. When I arrived, everyone in the office asked, “what are you doing here?” It seems I booked 3 days off rather than 2.
Off home I trotted, where I got into my manky clothes and skipped out to the shed.
I managed to finish the polish coat on my carving mallet. This is a piece of Yew, with a Sycamore handle.
I’m not sure whether I will actually use it, or keep it for display purposes.
I also made a little round box in Yew, with a Beech lid. It originally had a Yew lid, but it didn’t look as good.
Pointy Pot
I’m still not 100% sure about the Beech lid either, so may try a piece of Oak and try to ebonise it.
I did another eccentric goblet in Oak, which I think is the best so far. My next attempt will feature off-setting the turning by 180°.
Eccentric Gobley #3
I have also finished my little plant stand, with the thistle shape on the bottom of the legs, but that was done over the weekend. I just hadn’t taken a photo of it.
The top is a piece of Beech, and the legs are Yew.
plant stand
This has no finish on it at all. There is a super-glue stain on 2 of the legs where I split them tapping them in with the mallet. Oops!
All in all quite a productive day yesterday, and still managed to relax with a couple of beers in the evening after the machines were all switched off, tools sharpened and everything cleaned.

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