After the Re-shuffle

OK, so I said I was moving stuff around at the weekend. This is where we are now.
I installed a new cabinet, to get some of my stuff off the floor.
New cabinet
This corner was previously just a dumping ground for old bits of mdf & chipboard I have been storing for years, but have never used.
Next door is my workbench, which is made from pressure treated timber.
I now have storage under the bench, which before was full of things I rarely use.
Next is the grinder & pillar drill. Underneath is my winter heater – an invaluable item for preventing frostbite.
Between the grinder & lathe, I have a small cabinet where my baby compressor is stored, and a space for the table saw to live when not in use.
I can’t believe the difference with all this extra space. It has been a while coming, but it looks really good now it is finished.

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