A Little Bit of Sunshine

Well it looks like the magical season known as Summer happened in Scotland at the weekend. I obviously had to make the most of it, just in case it only happens once this year. It was rather lovely on Saturday, so no turning whatsoever. I decided instead to sit outside and “catch some rays.”
Sunday started out dull & overcast, so I turned another travel mug (photos now added) from a bit of birch.
Birch Mug #1
and again, showing the reason the tree was felled.
Birch Mug #2
Quite a bit of either rot or disease.
I also turned a small mushroom from a bit of scrap beech. I turn the odd mushroom while trying to decide what to do with my time. I find it relaxes me.
One of these days, I will decide what to do with the growing pile of mushroom shaped objects. One day.

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2 Responses to A Little Bit of Sunshine

  1. thiswoodwork says:

    Hi, I’m Alex Harris.

    I was hoping you could tell me what you use for inserts for the turned travel mugs?
    I have wanted to make one but I can’t find anything suitable.

    It would be great to get a reply from you, my e-mail is alex(at)thiswoodwork(dot)com, cheers!

    • Tom Speirs says:

      Hi Alex
      I have been subscribing to your YouTube channel for some time now. I have copied lots of your turning videos to help me learn as I turned.
      I get my inserts inside cheap mugs from my local B&M store. The mugs are a see-through coloured plastic and cost £1.99
      There are ones with plastic liners for about a quid, but I find the plastic ones give the drink an after taste, so didn’t try taking those apart.
      Hope this helps


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