A busy weekend

I had quite a lot to do this weekend, but still managed to fit some turning in as well as cutting the grass and sharpening the chainsaw.
A friend has a static caravan which had some worn out seating. This seating was replaced with a sofa from a well-known Swedish furniture store. Unfortunately, the sofa had to be raised up to meet the same height as the original seating. I turned a pair of leg extensions from some beech to bring the height up to the desired level.
sofa legs #1
These are unfinished, because the owner may want to paint them black to match the sofa legs.
Next was a rolling-pin for my daughter. The centre section is cherry, and the handles are silver birch.
rolling pin #1
Again, no finish has been applied. This time it is unfinished for fear of tainting the food. An occasional wipe with olive oil should help protect the wood after cleaning.
And finally, a small dish from silver birch which was rough turned last year and packed in a paper bag with wet shavings.
birch dish
This should now be pretty stable and less prone to splitting or warping. You never can tell with wood though. The dish has been finished with shellac, and waxed with a beeswax/carnauba combination.
Quite a productive weekend all told, and nice to spend some quality time in relative seclusion. This is my idea of the perfect way to relax.

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