Another output free weekend

Well, once again I didn’t create anything at the weekend. I decided instead to process some of the timber I have in the wood-pile for later use. I did a bit of skip (dumpster) diving though, and rescued some nice bits of wood and a few sheets of 6mm MDF.
I built a wall cabinet from some of the sheet material I’ve been squirreling away, and sharpened my turning tools.
Not an idle weekend, just not outwardly productive. I now need to give the place a good spring-clean and get rid of all the off-cuts and split stock I will never turn. I need to give the lathe cabinet a good clean too.
I made lots of use of my latest toy at the weekend. Nothing spectacular, you understand. I have squares of many types, and often get frustrated having to re-square them if they get dropped or knocked. I bought one of these:
roofing square
I know it as a roofing square.
Fabulous tool, and very difficult to knock out of true. If, like me, you tend to be a bit on the clumsy side I recommend investing in one.

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