A slow weekend

I haven’t been too well this weekend. I took some kind of stomach bug on Friday, so have been a bit under the weather.
I turned a couple of knobs for the cabinet I built last week, and made a locking mechanism for the doors. I didn’t bother taking photos of those though. A knob is pretty much a knob.
I also turned another couple of my dual-purpose candle holders. One end for standard candles, and the other for tea-lights. These were turned from red ash, and have a lovely colour.
Candle holders
I suppose I really should trademark or copyright this design, but perhaps there is little chance of anyone making a commercial killing from them.
You can just make out the red colouring against the lighter sapwood.
I turned a little tea-light holder as well, from a scrap cutting of yew.
Tealight holder natural yew
I really like the colouration in yew. Every single piece is different.
I may need to force some super-glue under the bark though in case it decides to part company.

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