Weekend off on the horizon

There will be no action this weekend. A fun-fair has set up shop in the park next door this week. I don’t really have any truck with the fair, or the folk who run it. It’s the undesirables the rides attract. I really do not want these types seeing what is inside my shed. Last time the fair was here, I had a mirror ripped off the car, and had my paintwork covered in blood from one of the many fights that take place during the week.
These fairs are for families, and for enjoyment. I have never been able to understand why a minority would want to spoil things for the majority. For a week, the place is over-run with drunk teenagers, legally too young to be drinking. Surely their parents are aware of their condition when they finally crawl back under their rocks?
I’m not really a political animal, but I am warming to the Scottish Government idea to introduce minimum alcohol pricing.

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  1. jenyjenny says:

    Boo! Hiss! J/k, hope your weekend goes well and you get back to the norm soon!

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