Half Day Friday

I had a half day yesterday, finishing work at 1PM. I went out to the shed, just because I could, and it was crazy hot. 46°C after the door being open for an hour.
I did some more work on the oak bowl I started in the week. Where the cracks had been filled with CA glue & sawdust had hardened so much I thought I was going to need the bowl gouge to smooth them out. I filled some of the bowl with epoxy glue, which has set milky/opaque and the parts filled with PVA seem to have stained the oak a very dark brown.
perfect-bowl #1
I read in a turning article that this is the perfect bowl shape. I don’t remember the entire text, but the gist was that this shape is instantly recognisable as a bowl in any culture.
perfect bowl #2
I may still re-chuck the bowl and have another go at the sanding, because now there is a coat of shellac on it there are quite a few areas where the epoxy hasn’t quite been sanded back fully.
There is a coat or 3 of some paste wax I knocked together over the shellac as well.
I found the recipe on-line and it coats the timber really well & comes up to a lovely sheen.
It is quite simple. One part pure beeswax mixed with 4 parts mineral oil (liquid parrafin) in a container sitting in a pot of hot water. Next time I may reduce the amount of oil to thicken it slightly as it is fairly sloppy. This may be because of the heat though, so I will defer judgement until the temperature drops. If I remember, I will report back later.

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