How to BBQ candles

Yes, sounds stupid, I agree. I keep an old oven tray in the shed for catching oil during the service on the car. Today I fired up a little disposable BBQ and sat this tray on top with a bunch of old candle ends in it. The molten wax was then used to seal the ends of a pile of ash-leaf maple I picked up earlier in the week.
I rough turned a bowl from this timber. A high sided natural edge bowl. I hope to be able to turn this into a mortar & pestle set later.
I also turned yet another baby rattle for a friend. This one from sycamore, and finished in home-made paste wax. I am particularly happy with this one as it was mainly turned using a skew chisel. This was possible thanks to Brendan Stemp, an Australian woodturner who recently posted a YouTube video detailing not only how to, but also how not to use the skew.
sycamore rattle
I even did the captive rings with the skew. This is it, sanded straight off the lathe with 400 grit and buffed with the paste wax. All non-toxic and baby friendly.

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