Mainly the skew and miniatures

Last weekend I built a solid plinth for the lathe to sit on. I’ve been needing to do it, because previously it was sitting on a couple of bits of 3″x2″ and a bit less than sturdy.
I can’t believe the difference it has made. The lathe is now at what is the “correct” height, and I have no hip pain.
This weekend, I have been working in miniature, which is a major deviation for me. I have always been quite critical of very small boxes. I have always wondered what the point is of making something so small it serves no real purpose. Now I know why folk do these tiny boxes….. because they can.
Small PotSmall Pot Inside
I wanted these photos side by side, but don’t know how to do that.
The box is roughly 1¼” high by ¾” in diameter. The timber is red ash, finished in shellac & paste wax.
Small Urn Small Urn Inside
This one is, again, red ash with the same finish. The box is a tad over ¾” in the middle, ½” at each end, and 1½” high, not including the lid.
This little bowl is 2″ in diameter by 1¾” high. There is a small inclusion on one side, where the natural edge has been retained.
Beech Bowl Inclusion Beech Bowl Inside
The timber is beech, finished with paste wax only.
This little tea-light holder with natural edge is a mystery timber. This has been in the bottom of the lathe cabinet for as long as I have had the lathe.
Straight off the lathe, no finish.
Finally, is a honey dipper in oak. This is straight off the lathe with no sanding, just a coat of paste wax.
Honey Dipper
All done with the skew chisel. The others were heavily involved with the skew, but this was skew only.
I must say, I’m a bit chuffed with the tool work on these and the lack of tool marks.

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