Later than planned

One of my latest projects had to stay under wraps as it was part of a gift for our daughter’s 21st. It is a covered bowl in yew and has some inlay work. Finish is shellac and paste wax.
The lid opens
And comes right off.

I also turned a mortar & pestle in silver birch. This has just a coat of beeswax/carnauba wax.

And finally a bit of fun. This is a chanter in sycamore. This was really a test for my long hole boring kit I got with the lathe. I have no idea whether it would actually play or not.
Maybe I should add some finger holes and stick a reed in it to find out.

Only two days left at work before two weeks leave. Hopefully I will be able to spend some quality time in the shed with my tools. I have a long list of jobs needing done indoors, naturally. That lot shouldn’t take 16 days though.

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