Holiday Time

I’ve been a bit erratic with my postings, being deeply into the holiday spirit, and holiday beer. I have had quite a few days of doing absolutely nothing, and a few days of turning. Also been busy with family matters, so quite a bit of time was spent away from everything.
I have managed to turn a few items however. I made a replacement for my cup and saucer, which took third place in the competition it was entered in. I’m not 100% happy with the saucer, but I can always revisit that one later on.
Yew Cup n Saucer
Timber is yew, and finish is shellac and paste wax.
I like the idea of the cup and saucer, and would probably never have tried it if not for the competition.

I made a couple of eccentric egg cups from some sycamore.
Sycamore Eccentric Egg Cups #1
I like the look of the stems, but wish I could get them more alike. Finish is paste wax.

Following one of Cap’n Eddie’s youtube videos, I also did some fake hollow forms. Not having the tools for turning the hollow objects in one piece I did them in two parts and faked a join so they looked authentic.
My first attempt was in silver birch and joined behind one of the burned rings.
Birch Hollow Form #1
And from the top
Birch Hollow Form #2
There are some stress cracks from where I was a bit zealous during sanding. The finish is shellac and beeswax/carnauba blend.

My next attempt was a lump of oak. The join this time is at the base, just behind the little plinth.
Oak Hollow Form #1
The wood is quite knotty and has some inclusions that make it a bit more attractive in my opinion.
And from the top
Oak Hollow Form #2
Finish is beeswax\carnauba blend.

The third (and final for the time being) attempt was a vase turned from a rotted piece of oak. This has the join underneath, completely hidden from view. I cut the neck at an angle with the lower end of the cut at the same side as one of the holes.
Oak Vase #1
A wee bit out of focus this photo. And from the top
Oak Vase #2
Finish in this case is paste wax.

These don’t have the same kind of achievement as proper hollow forms, but still a good practice in hollowing. Every piece turned is always good practice.

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