Over the weekend

Not that much since my last post. I did some turning at the end of the week, but gave the shed a good clean out and took a whole load of detritus to the amenity site. It shocks me that our local clowncil has no way of dealing with shavings from turning, other than sending them to landfill.

I made this bowl from cherry, and the chopsticks from mahogany. The rest for the chopsticks is also cherry.
Chopstix n bowl #1
The photo is a little out of focus. It was a strange subject because there are so many focal points. All parts are finished with my home cooked paste wax.

This box is around 4″ in diameter. The idea of it being a box is a “design opportunity” with the lid being a late addition.
Lidded Pot #1
The high sided bowl is silver birch, with a cherry lid. The lid was originally part of a burger press, but the form for the burgers shattered on the lathe thanks to a slip with the skew.
The lid was finished with olive oil, and the bowl finish is paste wax.

This plant pot is also silver birch. The diameter is about 6″ and the bowl is around 8″ high.
Birch Plant Pot
The sides of the bowl are a uniform 4mm, and the finish is paste wax.

I have another few bits & pieces in the shed waiting to be finished, but I ran out of time before the bad weather set in and I gave up for the day on Saturday.

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