Back in the saddle

I’ve been a bit busy of late with family stuff, and repairing the car. I find it hard to believe some people can sleep nights after some of the things I have discovered with my car. For those who don’t already know, I drive a 1997 Subaru Legacy GTB. The previous owner gave me a folder full of receipts for work he had done during his ownership. All done by “professional” businesses. Except…. a huge chunk of the work was never done. The most distressing thing was the bill for over £200 for having the front brakes overhauled. Bearing in mind the brakes are a fairly important part of a 280BHP car, you would think it was something a professional vehicle technician would be very careful with.
Alas no. They changed the seals, but replaced the rusty old pistons rather than fit the new pistons on the bill. The result was binding brakes, and I now need to replace the front discs.. What kind of person can do this and still show their face in polite society?

Anyway, I digress. I need to dig right to the bottom of the wood pile today. I have a couple of massive chunks of oak and at least one of flamed beech down there. I have a very special project on the cards, the details of which will be revealed in time. This project will involve the dread of beginner turners like me, copy turning. I need to produce a number of identical pieces. Thankfully most of it is spindle turning so will have fewer problems with mounting to shape/finish, even if the parts need to come off the lathe several times.

Watch this space

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