Work work, busy busy

No turning was done again at the weekend, but I did make a start on re-organising the shed. I now have 3 metres of continuous workspace along the left hand side, and I have cleared out underneath my heavy bench. Almost all of my timber stock is now stored underneath the bench. I still have some to find room for, but next weekend I hope to be able to build a large shelf in the roof-space to accommodate more timber, and rarely used bits & pieces.
Photos to follow.

I now have a vast amount of free wall space, but need to find one of the castors for my rolling tool cabinet which was previously bolted to the wall. I want to be able to use that as it was originally intended and roll it in and out when I need it. It worked bolted to the wall for the 4 or so years it has been there, but I would now like to have the alternative use available. I removed 2 of the castors, but have only found one so far.

The next stage of the re-fit will be to build wall cabinets for storage, and possibly move the lathe a bit. I also want to fix a board to the wall for hanging up some of the tools I don’t keep in the tool chest. Another job for the Summer will be weather-proofing the outside walls. I’m currently getting some water ingress through the weather-boarding, and under the wooden framework.

Hopefully, by the time I have finished, everything will be where I need it and the shed will look like a well organised workshop.

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