Almost tidy

I’m not ready to photograph the shed yet, I still have to tidy the place up and put some timber away. I definitely have more work space though even before stuff is finally put away.
I was starting to take withdrawal symptoms however, so felt the need to do some turning. I turned a fisherman’s priest from some beautifully spalted beech I have left over from a previous project.
I love the grain patterns in beech, in particular the spalting as seen here. Finish is 2 coats of cellulose sanding sealer, de-nibbed with 00-00 wire wool, and paste wax burnished at full speed.
This will be my competition entry for this month. I don’t expect to win with this, or even get placed. It’s all about the turning for me. This was mainly shaped using a spindle gouge and skew.

Hopefully by next weekend I will be in a better position to photograph my progress in the shed.

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