Change of plan

I did intend cleaning the shed and taking some photos at the weekend, but that plan changed suddenly on Thursday evening when I got the chance of a new (to me) lathe to upgrade my current set up.
I have wanted a swivel head lathe for quite a while, and was looking at a few different models. I was pointed in the direction of a Record Power DML36SH which was going for not a lot of money. In the end it was well within my budget, and came with a whole host of extras including the optional bowl turning attachment. There was also a pile of turning tools included. One of these sets, still boxed and unused – and a collet chuck system, plus about 3 other boxes of assorted tools and turning items.
I had to build a stand for it, because I think the tubular leg system RP make for it is a bit naff. My stand is made from fence posts, and will be bolstered by cabinets under the lathe bed to weigh it down. I am on leave from work next week, so will hopefully get started turning with it properly and take some all important piccies.
Unfortunately though, it looks like my trusty Myford ML8 will have to go. I just don’t have enough room to keep both. I was hoping I could lay the ML8 aside and just use it for pen turning so I didn’t need to change the chuck out of the headstock.
Oh well, never mind.

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