Got a new lathe

New to me, at any rate. I have been planning an upgrade for quite some time. My old Myford ML8 is still a perfectly good machine, but very limited in the size of stock I am able to turn.
My new toy is  a Record Power DML36SH, and has a maximum diameter of 300mm with the head swivelled off the bed. The lathe was a gift from my family for my 50th birthday. 50 years on the planet needs to be marked with something special. I think I can say that this is by far the best birthday gift I have ever been given.
So having been given this lathe with a massive capacity, what is the first thing I turned?
A pill box. No, not the military type, for hiding a gun emplacement. A small box for carrying little pills in your pocket. Totally mad.
This is the view of the lid.2014-03-17 21.39.35
This is the same view, but with a UK 50p coin added for scale.
2014-03-17 21.41.27

This is turned from a piece of spalted beech, and finished with a couple of coats of melamine lacquer.

I have turned some larger things too. This is a sycamore bowl following what I have been told is the “perfect bowl shape.” The shape apparently is instantly recognisable as a bowl anywhere in the world.
There are a few cracks in the end grain, and being sycamore it is a bit plain. Other than that though, I like it.

This one is a square winged dish turned from sapele. I was given this wood by a colleague at work.Pic_0017
I think I may re-take these photographs using a proper camera. The iPhone is OK, but no good for close-ups.

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