Carving, fairies & floor sweepings

I was asked to make something for a close family friend. A 4 leaf clover. I thought about a clover shaped box, but don’t have a band saw. Instead, I decided to turn a box, and carve the shape into the lid. I had a perfect size bit of beech in the shed, so attacked that with the chainsaw, chucked it up, and turned the box.
This is the only photo I have taken so far, showing the lid with the carving, which has been burnt to accent the shape.
2014-03-29 15.56.51

I also turned a little tooth fairy box with a bell. The idea is that the child places the tooth inside the box, rattled the lid to alert the tooth fairy, and goes to bed. The tooth fairy then takes the tooth, replacing it with a coin or gift. No more rummaging under pillows in the dark.
tooth fairy bell outside
The box is spalted beech, and the finial/handle is a scrap of banksia nut.
tooth fairy bell inside
The clapper is a scrap of elm.
All finished with shellac and buffed up to a shine.

I also saw a video showing how to use the smallest of scraps for useful items.
This is a bit of beech from the floor, and a cutting from a wire coat hanger.
Picture Holder

I am definitely getting less rubbish at this turning carry-on.


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