Another weekend

I turned a marriage goblet from a bit of cherry I have had in the shed for a few years. I assumed it was fully dry, but it bent and twisted horribly, so will end up in the waste box.
The replacement is a quaich, turned from very dry oak. It was extremely hard, but turned out really well.
oak quaich
Finish is melamine lacquer.
While there I turned a couple of bowls from silver birch. I like the sides of these being nice and thick, but being birch they are very light.
This one is quite plain and has some staining in the end grain.
Birch bowl top
While this one has some lovely spalting in the timber grain.
Spalted birch bowl top
This also had 3 knots in it which gives the grain some lovely character.
Some sycamore this time, in the shape of a “spaniel” bowl These are shaped so the dog’s ears don’t go in the food/water.
birch spaniel bowl top
This also has some staining in the grain, which must be from how it was stored. (on the garage floor I think)
And finally, a couple of skill-builders. A photo holder from a cherry off-cut
cherry holder
And a mushroom, from a bit of scrap beech.
beech 'shroom
These are all skill-builders I suppose. Every cut is a practice cut. I really do think I’m getting much less rubbish at this turning stuff.

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