Weekend ahoy!

It’s another 4 day weekend coming up, hopefully a busy one weather permitting. I have been rough turning green timber and setting it aside to dry, so intend having a look at some of it over the weekend to see how it has fared. I may well have a nice bonfire going, so better buy some marshmallows.
I have had quite a few requests for things since posting my work on Facebook, which is really quite gratifying. I need to build up my stock of seasoned timber again though, so I can see a trek to some tree surgeons at the end of the month being a necessity.
I haven’t done a personal project since the giant hourglass last year, so I am considering a couple of options at the moment. One project involves a large amount of copy turning, the other has a lot of delicate work, and both have moving parts. Naturally the nature of whichever project I choose will remain a secret until it is finished, but I may well post the odd sneaky photo to whet your appetites. C’mon, I have to keep you coming back here after all.
So have a good weekend everyone, have a happy Easter/Austre/Sigrblot/{insert festival of choice} and don’t overdo the chocolate.

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