Holidays are for relaxing

I had another week off work recently, most of which has been spent sitting in the sun. I did some work on the car, and (re)built a disc sander. My original attempt was a bit of a shambles with a fixed table. This attempt is much better looking, and has an adjustable table.

The power unit is an old router I picked up at a boot sale for £10
I made up a cam operated switch, but the vibrations from the un-sprung power unit causes it to switch off. A little thumb bolt keeps it on until I decide to switch it off.

I haven’t done much turning so far. An egg for the monthly challenge, and a mortar & pestle is all I managed.IMG_5703
I’m not sure what went wrong with the shape. Any chicken passing that would need Pethidine.The pins are 4mm silver steel sharpened to points to give the illusion of floating.

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