Mix & match weekend

The current challenge is to turn something from 3 different woods. I have had 2 attempts, but can’t decide which I should enter, if indeed I enter any of them. My first go is something I have been meaning to do for quite some time. My great grandmother called this the copper stick.
Copper Stick
It would be used in the old fashioned copper boiler to agitate the laundry. This is made from beech, birch, and sycamore. It will be painted before being moved to its eventual home.

Second is yet another travel mug. This is, again, from 3 different timbers. Beech, birch, and sycamore.
Each section is 1cm bigger than the previous one. The beech was horribly split, and had to be filled with superglue.
The walls are around 2mm thick, or slightly under.
Finish is acrylic lacquer, polished to a high shine.
I made some bits & bobs stuff while I was waiting for glue to cure, which are not worth posting really.
And finally, a cherry bowl from last week which I only just got round to photographing.
Cherry Bowl top

All in all a busy weekend. Nice to sit in the sun occasionally too.

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