Sunny Saturday

So the forecast was for rain. Weathermen got it wrong again.
On the bright side, I did a couple of quick projects and helped my Son turn his first pen. Not the easiest project for a first attempt, but well done and well received.
Beech Pen #2
As always, finish is superglue.

I was given a pile of laburnum some time ago, which was freshly cut at the time. Laburnum is a toxic wood, so not something I would use for anything coming into contact with food, or pens.
This particular piece was rough turned and packed away in shavings the day it arrived, then finished at the weekend. The base is sycamore.
Laburnum Lamp
Finish is a couple of coats of cellulose sanding sealer at the moment. I may, or may not give it a couple of coats of lacquer.

And finally…..
As barbeque season is in full swing, I finally got round to turning a burger press. This is conker, or horse chestnut and is about 4″ in diameter. Perfect size for a quarter pounder.
Conker Press
Conker Press #2
Finish on this is melamine lacquer, so it is food safe. I always press the burgers between 2 pieces of plastic wrap in any case to make them easier to remove from the press.

There’s something attractively scruffy about the conker, which I like in kitchen utensils. Hand knitted burgers taste so much better than anything you can buy in the shops too.

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