Wetter Weekend

We had some fairly heavy rain this weekend. Not that the rain kept me out of the shed, of course.
I think I need to replace the start capacitor on my lathe, or at least I hope that’s what it is. I don’t think I should be able to stop the motor with my hand when polishing stuff mounted in the chuck. I’ve ordered a replacement in any case, so time will tell.
I was polishing this little mushroom, with friction polish as the finish.
Laburnum 'shroom #2
No other finish was used
Laburnum 'shroom #1
Timber is laburnum, cut earlier this year. I have a feeling it will crack, but that’s OK, it will add to the character I think.
I turned this little bowl from a bit of horse-chestnut felled in April. It is nowhere near dry, and was actually warping while I had it mounted in the chuck.
Conker bowl #1
There’s a tiny bit of spalt starting on the end-grain. The end-grain tore out horribly as I was turning it, despite sharpening the tools and taking very light cuts. It must be down to technique I think, so that must mean it is time for more lessons.
And finally. A fisherman’s Priest from chestnut. This was rough turned and immersed in a soap solution for a week, before being dried and finish turned. I have another one waiting to be finished, which was wrapped in newspaper and wet shavings before being set aside for 3 months. I will finish that one next weekend and compare the 2.
Conker priest
Both are spoken for, so I’m hoping for some feedback from the fishermen regarding the efficacy.

Hopefully at the end of this month, I will be able to visit my favourite wood supplier to find some timber for my personal project, funds permitting.

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