What goes with Suzy Salt?

Percy Scale

Percy Pepper! A gift to myself at my birthday was a salt & pepper mill grinder kit. I have yet to turn the salt mill, but I turned the pepper mill at the weekend from some maple. The coin is a UK £2 coin for scale. I had a giant pepper grinder a few decades ago, but the crush grind mechanism was garbage. These kits are at the more expensive end of the scale, so should last a while under constant use. The finish on this is melamine lacquer, so hopefully it should last a while.
I also turned another travel mug at the weekend. This is a commission, again, for a friend. It’s amazing how many folk ask for these mugs. They are not the easiest to turn for an amateur because of the deep hollowing.
Conker Mug
This one has been likened to a beer stein. It looks shorter and is a bit more dumpy than the previous ones I have turned. Timber is conker (horse chestnut) and finish is melamine lacquer. I hope the recipient is happy with it.
This thin stemmed goblet is also conker, with £2 coin for scale. Finish is shellac, polished up to a shine.
Goblet Scale #1
And finally another bowl, again conker is the material. This would make a good fruit bowl or could be used as a change catcher.
Conker Bowl Scale #1
Finish is cellulose sanding sealer, de-nibbed and polished with beeswax.

I’m now half-way into my first week off, and the time is slipping away from me due to catching up on household chores. I need more time in the shed, because I’m at a hiatus where my turning is concerned. While I’m not getting any worse, I don’t think I’m getting any better. I think I need some one to one tuition and more time to practice.

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