Internet ignorance

I’m not really one for ranting, but sometimes the level of rudeness on these here t’interwebs just boils my piss. I was once very active in many internet forums, but have withdrawn from almost all because of ignorant self obsessed dick-heads. I hate bullies and those who think they have some right to dictate how others spend their time. Just this evening, some opinionated tosser has decided that because he has plenty of time to do what he wants, anyone who says they are short of time is a liar and making excuses.
What a knob. What makes him think he has the right to decide how others should spend their time, and accuse them of lying when they say otherwise?
So, another internet forum bites the dust. All because some idiot does not have the manners to keep their unsolicited opinions to them-self.

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  1. f-ing internet trolls. Some people have nothing better to do then wait for an opportunity to give somebody shit. Tossers indeed….. I have no patience for them either and when a conversation on forums turn negative I’m done, there is enough negativity in this world on the news.

    Keep truckin –

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