Avoid machinery

I have done no turning for 2 weekends now, as I have been unwell. I have a sinus infection which has been causing severe headaches. Mid-week, I started having problems with shooting pains in my arms and having some chest pains. I was whipped into the local hospital for tests, as being an old fat codger they were worried it might be a heart attack.
Panic set in when the nurses saw my ECG readings which were spiking all over the place. I was less worried because I have always had an irregular heartbeat. If only someone had asked.
All sorted though, I now finally have an appointment with my GP after 13 months, so perhaps now something can be done about investigating my high blood pressure. In the meantime I have been advised not to go near any dangerous machinery. That means no power tools apparently.

The last think I turned before I became unwell was this little ash box.
Ash Box #1
The knot was very loose so had to be stabilised with CA glue and sanding dust
Ash Box #2
I made a little relief dome inside the lid
Ash Box #3
And slightly cupped the underside.
Finish is shellac friction polish.

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2 Responses to Avoid machinery

  1. nice little box Tom.sorry to hear about your illness and hope you can get proper treatment now.
    nothing stopping you from going to the workshop for a bit of tinkering i wont tell 🙂
    Take care Robbie

  2. Tom Speirs says:

    I’ll try to sneak out at the weekend Robbie. All work & no play makes Tom a grumpy old gobshite.

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