Still no output

So another weekend been and gone, and still no turning. A lack of sleep recently has not helped my doziness, and using power tools would really not be a good idea. I helped my Son start his venture into casting with resin, by helping build a box to make a latex/silicone mould. The first half of the mould has been made, but we ran out of time before the second half could be poured.
I have a million and one ideas swimming around in my head, not least of all my next project. It was a toss-up between a spinning wheel and a showman’s engine, and having seen the results of a recent competition I have pretty much settled on the traction engine.
The competition I looked at, and marvelled over was The Irish Woodturners Guild Challenge 2014, the subject of which was a traction engine.
I know my skills are nowhere near what would be required to turn out some of those entries, but I have been thinking about building a showman’s engine for around 30 years and need to give it a go. If it’s rubbish, so be it.
I will still try the spinning wheel at some point. I’ve always fancied having one at the foot of the stairs.

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  1. looking forward to the spinning wheel 🙂

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