A turn for the better

I actually managed to get some turning done yesterday. Unfortunately the banksia nut exploded all over the place, so my intended project was a wash-out. Not to worry, at a fiver a pop it isn’t exactly going to break the bank.
I did manage to rescue the vase I thought I had destroyed last week. There were some cracks round the neck which have been glued to hopefully stop them spreading. I stained it, to enhance the grain which was difficult to make out in it’s natural colour. Ash really does have some nice grain.
Stained Ash Vase #2
The stain is Chestnut’s red mahogony spirit stain, finish is acrylic lacquer, and the inside has been painted with acrylic satin black as a contrast. Unfortunately every bit of dust in the shed appears to have stuck to it.

This little bowl is purpleheart, a Brazilian exotic species. The colour is beautiful, although I have been told it eventually fades to brown over time.
This is my favourite bowl shape. I have been told it is the perfect bowl, because it is instantly recognisable as a bowl shape in every culture.
Purpleheart Bowl #3
The grain is quite beautiful, even the end grain which is showing here.
Purpleheart Bowl #2
This is slightly out of focus, because of the different focal points between the inside and outside. The walls are a uniform 5mm and the base is 8mm to allow for the 5mm chucking recess.
Purpleheart Bowl #1
I do like a tidy bottom. There is polish on the bottom here, which I didn’t notice until after I had photographed it. It has fluoresced in the flash.

I also finished turning a maple bowl with natural edge I rough turned in April. It is still sitting on the lathe, with some superglue under the bark. Hopefully I will get out tomorrow to get a finish on it.

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