So much for a day off

So today was the last day of my long weekend, so I went out to clean the shed & sharpen my tools. If only…….
I put some finish on the natural edge maple bowl I started on Saturday. The finish is acrylic lacquer over cellulose sanding sealer.
Natural Maple #1
This shows the bark on one side of the bowl, which is the best looking side in my opinion.
Natural Maple #3
No finish on the bottom, because I forgot to do it before I flipped it.

Next is a sycamore bowl turned & finished in one hit. The sycamore was felled in 2012, so may well move a bit.
Sycamore #1
End grain with as much pith cut out as possible. I’m not sure why these stains come through the sycamore end grain after finish is applied.
Sycamore #3
I did remember to apply a finish to the bottom before flipping it this time.

This goblet is laburnum, not something one would want to drink from. The eccentric stem was the main part of the turning, although I am particularly pleased with the uniform wall thickness on the vessel.
Laburnum Goblet #1
Finish on this one is shellac friction polish.

All in all, I’m quite happy with my output. I also turned a couple of pens, and glued up the start of a future project.
I really am getting much less rubbish at this turning malarkey.

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  1. well done glad you enjoyed your woodwork

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