My daughter brought me some “firewood” she found at a roadside stand during the week. The bags consisted mainly of beech, with some oak and a couple of pieces of birch. All were neatly cut into stove lengths, and well seasoned.
There are some challenges floating about on Youtube by the circle of “celebrity” turners and woodworkers. One such challenge is the “scrap bin challenge,” where folk are making items from wood they would normally have thrown away.
I selected a piece of firewood, instead of scrap and participated in another challenge. This is enigmatically known as the “bangle bowl challenge,” and sees turners making a bangle which would be wearable by an adult.
This is my “oak firewood bin scrap bangle bowl” attempt.
Oak bangle #1
Side grain view showing medulary rays
Oak Bangle #2
This is it standing up, supported by a giant crayola touch screen stylus showing end grain.
Finish is shellac based friction polish.

My second piece is another tooth fairy bell in beech, from the same bag of firewood.
Beech Fairy Bell #5
The knob on top is a scrap piece of oak as a contrast to the very light beech
Beech Fairy Bell #3
I do like a nicely rounded bottom.
Beech Fairy Bell #4
No bell fitted as yet, I need to order some. I may also make some satin pillows for the inside of these and market them as first tooth/curl vessels.
Finish, again, is friction polish.
I may lay this timber under a bench and try to introduce some spalting.

I also started turning the project I glued up last week, but had to lay it aside because the glue didn’t hold as well as I would like. I will order some epoxy adhesive for this and not mount it in the chuck in expansion mode.

My days out in the shed are nearing an end this year, as I fully expect the weather to be brutal this winter. Yesterday had a very bitter wind, and if not for my anti-vibration gloves I would have had to abandon things much earlier than I did.
I would very much like to get my Christmas table decoration done before I pack up for the winter, and maybe make a start on my secret project.

Time will tell.

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